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Why Go Green

Going green will have a positive health impact on both your family and the planet; it will also help conserve resources for future generations. Most people are familiar with the idea of sustainability; however, few people realize that most of the toxins troubling our planet also have a harmful effect on human health or that even our "renewable" resources are being consumed faster than they can be replenished. In the U.S. there is almost no regulation of chemicals used for household products. There are toxins in household items, foods we eat and most alarmingly, the air we breathe. We can no longer afford to ignore these hidden dangers in our homes, schools and communities. Going green is not just a smart idea in our world of strained resources and wallets; it is also a necessary step in providing our families safe, healthy environments. Join the Green Homes League today and get started with the most intelligent and credible Green Certification program available!

The Green Certification Program

Our Green Certification program is easy and affordable, we recommend working closely with your local consultant for the best value, but it can be followed mostly on your own, with an initial assessment and then point verification by a Certified Green Consultant. This is not a remodeling project or a "pay to play" certification. We take a holistic approach to green practices and try to focus the positive health impact and intrinsic value that they can create. Our program is progressive, the information is broken up into monthly topics making it easier to understand and create real, lasting change. There are hundreds of green ideas, all with a point value, that can be implemented in nearly any School, Child Care Center, or home. Most of these ideas are simple and cost effective; some can even save you money year after year. Don't let this opportunity to work with the largest, most reliable Green Certification Organization pass you by, contact us today for more information!

How Does the Certification Work

The process starts with a basic assessment with one of our Certified Green Consultants. Any green practices you may have in place will be considered toward your certification. During the initial assessment, your consultant will evaluate the key areas of concern in most schools and homes; Indoor air quality, environmental toxins, and sustainability. After the walk through, you will have chance to sit down with your consultant and discuss the areas you want to focus on, the positive impact you will be able to achieve, and the value you will be creating. Your consultant should be able to provide you with local green businesses and resources so you can easily start making positive choices. Our guidance doesn't end there; the Green Certification program offers a large support system that includes the monthly Green Guide, membership to the Green Homes League website community and year round support from your consultant to keep you motivated and in touch with the Green movement locally and globally! Start on your path to a Certified Green Home by contacting us today or find a Certified Green Consultant in your area and contact them directly!

What are the benefits of being Certified?

You may be able to go green on your own, but the Green Homes League offers a valuable range benefits you won't be able to get anywhere else. First of all, we believe our program will pay for itself in the savings and benefits you will see year after year while living a green lifestyle or operating a green school. Sorting through all the studies, information, and products on your own can be time consuming, confusing, and expensive. Our Certified Green Consultants already have the knowledge, tools, and personal experience you need to go green in the easiest, most affordable way possible. Additionally, our program includes yearlong support, website membership, a monthly Green Guide, and the backing of a national organization whose goals are educating people and spreading green awareness. You may also see benefits such as increased value for a home on the market, being seen as a leader in your community, and improving the lives of family, friends and students. This is your chance to stop "talking green" and start "earning green!"

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